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The main activity of Iribov is the tissue culture of plants. Within the laboratory techniques are developed for multiplication of plants under sterile conditions.

Currently we have experience with over 450 different species in tissue culture, to which every year some 20 new crops are added.

At Iribov

Tissue Culture; Plant or parts of plants are placed on artificial growing media. The growing media contains all supplements needed for growth including plant specific substances to control the type of plant development. Plants are grown in special conditioned rooms where optimal temperature and light intensity can be applied. Most crops can be subcultured every 4-8 weeks. Considering the short growing cycle, tissue culture is an ideal technique in producing huge numbers of plants within a short period of time.

The sterile environment in the laboratory makes it possible to keep plants completely free of diseases, which is a large advantage over growing in the field or in greenhouses.


Production in external laboratories; Tissue culture production is a very labor-intensive process. For large volume plant production cost levels in the Netherlands are too high to be able to produce on an economic scale.

Above a certain scale, production is outsourced to external laboratories outside The Netherlands. Iribov has its own two production laboratories in Macedonia and Ghana. Our tissue culture production is also outsourced to external partners in Poland, China and Indonesia. Our main production locations are certified according to the Naktuinbouw Elite system.

Iribov also supports other companies with their own production locations that need additional know-how on tissue culture production.

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Wim Gutter

Wim Gutter

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