The quality aspect of plants is becoming more and more important. However, pathogen infections do not always present with clear symptoms. PCR tests can be used as a tool to determine these infections. In 2010 Iribov started its own molecular laboratory for quality control in tissue culture plants using PCR.

Currently, Iribov has multiple virus tests available. It's possible to identify if a plant is infected with a specific virus as well as to determine percentage rates of a virus infection in a batch of plants.

PCR is a technique which can provide a clear answer to the question if a plant is infected with a specific pathogen. Compared to, for example ELISA, PCR testing is much more sensitive. With this technique infections can be detected at an early stage, enabling our clients to better limit risks of disease spreading.

Since October 2012, the laboratory of Iribov is ASLN certified, which enables Iribov to test for Naktuinbouw Elite certification, Naktuinbouw select plant certification, Naktuinbouw standard inspection and NAL. To achieve the highest possible standard Iribov has a state of the art research facility, constantly evaluated by internal and external control systems.

Privacy and trust are highly valued at Iribov. All information including results are treated as strictly confidential. Information will not be handed over to third parties without the explicit permission of the client. Access to documents and test results is limited to a number of employees within Iribov.