Iribov is a service company that offers a wide array of laboratory techniques to plant breeding and plant production companies. The company has 3 divisions, the main division is tissue culture for production and breeding support. The other two are Analytical Services and Greenhouse Services. 

Iribov is an independent company, which works only for third parties and does not have its own breeding activities nor marketing activities and is therefore open to all clients, with no conflicts of interests. As a service company Iribov serves large and small companies, and to deliver a wide crop portfolio. Currently the company is operating in more than 300 crops. 

The main location of the company is Heerhugowaard in The Netherlands. Two production companies are located in North-Macedonia and Ghana, mainly for large scale tissue culture production.

Iribov uses tissue culture to produce half material for breeders, develops protocols for multiplication and produces (certified) starting material for large-scale production.In the analytical laboratory of Iribov flow cytometry and molecular methods are developed and executed for diverse applications. The company is also active in the supply of flow cytometers.The greenhouse has two main groups of service:  the hardening of young plants and growing plants for special goals such as plants for breeding, certifications, bio assays, mother plants for tissue culture projects etc.  Iribov has its own greenhouse facility for this purpose with a large array of greenhouse compartments and phytotrons. 

Nowadays the total Iribov group employs ca 450 people.



Iribov was founded in 1992 by Evelien Huis in 't Veld and Eloy Boon. Originally located in Enkhuizen, the company moved in 2007 to Heerhugowaard. At this location there was not only a laboratory but also greenhouses for hardening and breeding support projects. In 2011 SBW located in Roelofarendsveen was acquired. SBW, a spin-off of NakTuinbouw, was established in 1975. SBW was one of the founding companies in tissue culture in The Netherlands and the market leader in tissue culture production in The Netherlands. Included in this acquisition were the production laboratories in North-Macedonia and Ghana.