SBW Romero Vitro is a tissue culture laboratory and presents large-scale production center of Iribov BV from Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands. It is located in Vinica, a small town at river Bregalnica valley in the eastern part of Macedonia.

Production started in August 2001, after training Macedonian employees at the home company in The Netherlands. The starting material for the production is received from the home company. All products are exported back to The Netherlands, from where the plants are distributed to our clients.

SBW Romero Vitro has a permanent growth as a company. Now the company has 25 large culture rooms and five transfer rooms. This provides the company with the capacity to produce more than twenty million plants annually. Whole capacity at this moment is executed with 240 employees who contribute to the permanent growth and development of the company. In 2020 an large extension of the lab is planned, after this the company will have ca 10.000 m2 of laboratory available.