Greenhouse Greenhouse


At the location in Heerhugowaard Iribov has ca 1 ha greenhouses available with total 15 kas compartments and also 11 phytotrons. For a large part this greenhouses are used for hardening of tissue culture plants (ca 15% of our total tissue culture production is hardened in this facility).

Apart from this the greenhouses are used for an array of projects. Growing donor plants for tissue culture projects, plants for breeding projects, growing for use in bio assays, growing for show plants, true to type analyses etc. 

Breeding for customers

In the laboratory several techniques are used to broaden the genetic variation or to overcome crossing barriers.
Logistically it is often easier to make the crosses close to the laboratory.

A second motivation for offering breeding services is that some of our customers lack breeding capacity, and/or facilities.


Since January 2013 Iribov Young Plants started with as specialism hardening of plants. Plants propagated in vitro need to adapt to the greenhouse climate and humidity. Likewise the plant roots need to develop in a way so that they can survive in soil circumstances instead of medium. These young plants therefore need a special treatment.

Iribov Young Plants has the experience and facilities to harden off plants also for customers which do not have their own facility or need extra capacity.

True to type analysis

Not all plants are stable in tissue culture. Therefore after initiation and in maintenance before the production starts, some plants are grown in the greenhouse to test whether they are true to type.

Depending on the client's preference, true to type evaluation can be carried out at the customer's chosen facility, or plants can be grown in our greenhouses. The breeder usually does the evaluation, however this can also be done remotely via photographs.