For large-scale production there are high demands on the quality of the starting material. Especially health status and true to type nature are important factors to be considered. In order to meet these demands Iribov became a Naktuinbouw Elite certified company in 2003. Moreover, our production facilities in Poland and in Macedonia are also Naktuinbouw Elite certified.

Naktuinbouw Elite®-certification consists of:
• Clearly described procedures for pathogen testing and production methods.
• A controlled multiplication process under inspection of Naktuinbouw.
• Certified plants are delivered to the customer with the Naktuinbouw Elite®-certificate.


Link: Naktuinbouw

For Naktuinbouw elite certification it is obligated to do additional tests for the detection of unknown virusses on indicator plants. Iribov is autorised by Naktuinbouw to offer this service as well. If you are interested please feel free to contact us.

Imports for plants from the Solanaceae family fall under a quarantaine regime. Iribov is certified to receive directly from outside the EU tissue culture plants of Solanaceaes.
A sample is, after reception, sent to the NVWA in Wageningen for testing and if plants are cleared they can immediately be used for multiplication.


The Bloembollenkeuringsdienst (BKD) does the quality control in the Netherlands of bulbous crops like lilium. All material initiated in the lab are tested in our own laboratory via PCR testing. It’s also possible to sent material to the BKD for testing in parallel.


For Potato micropropagation, it is mandatory to be NAK certified, therefore, Iribov is certified by the NAK. All produced Potatoes are supplied with NAK certificates.