Iribov West Africa

"Iribov West Africa is part of the Iribov group in The Netherlands. The company is located in Sogakope in the Volta Region of Ghana and has a tissue culture laboratory (D.invitrolabs Ghana Ltd) and nursery operation (Iribov Ghana Ltd.) and employs over 100 people.  Our laboratory has a capacity to produce 10 million plants per year and we have an advanced nursery of 5.000 m2. The company started operation in 2005 to produce pineapple MD2 suckers for farmers in Ghana in a project supported by the World Bank."

Kees Veldhuijzen
Business development West-Africa

About Iribov West Africa

The main activity of the company is clonal propagation of plants for the global market of plant-breeders, growers and farmers.

A part of the production from the tissue culture laboratory is exported to serve the European sales program of the company and another part is grown in the nursery operation in Ghana to distribute to plantations and farmers in Ghana. Besides this we are doing clonal grafting of several tree crops.

It is the ambition of Iribov West Africa to become the leading producer of improved planting material for farmers in Ghana and the rest of West Africa.

Currently the company is producing improved planting material by using tissue culture and advance nursery technology for:

– fruit crops (Pineapple, Papaya, Passionfruit, Mango, Avocado, Citrus, Banana and Plantain)
– tuber crops (Ginger, Turmeric, Yam, Sweet Potato, Cassava)
– other crops (Cashew, Cocoa, Sugarcane and Bamboo)

We are involved in several projects with GIZ, ComCashew, Hortifresh, SNV and IITA and we also have strong cooperative ties with CSIR CRI and SARI, PPRSD and CRIG.

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