Naktuinbouw Elite certification

For large-scale production there are high demands on the quality of the starting material. Especially health status and trueness to type are important factors to be considered. With Naktuibbouw Elite certification, both a plant breeder/grower and its customers can assure a high standard of plant material quality. Iribov facilitates the entire process:

  • Plant production
  • Pathogen testing
  • True to type assay
  • Certification

Naktuinbouw Elite®-certification consists of:
• Clearly described procedures for pathogen testing and production methods.
• A controlled multiplication process under inspection of Naktuinbouw.
• Certified plants are delivered to the customer with the Naktuinbouw Elite®-certificate.


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Wim Gutter

Wim Gutter

Account Manager Tissue Culture Flower Bulbs
T: +31 (0)72 57 42 42 27 > ask for WIm

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