Bio-assays & Marker development

Resistance breeding is getting more important to keep agriculture sustainable. To be able to breed for resistance traits, it is essential to have the ability phenotype the plants. Infection assays (bioassays) are often not desired at a breeding company for risk of contamination and spread of disease. At Iribov we offer this service for several plant-pathogen combinations, and can develop a new protocol. We developed phytotrons where we can grow plants under controlled conditions. This way we can perform infection experiments under a broad range of environmental conditions year-round.

Marker development

The downside of a bioassay is that the plants used in the assay are not available for further breeding, so it is an indirect screening of progeny. The use or development of a bio-assay can also be the start of developing a marker for a certain trait. With the knowledge which plants are resistant or susceptible, we can look into the genome of the plants to develop a marker. This marker can then be used for marker-assisted-breeding, in order to screen a larger amount of seedlings for certain traits.

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